Day: January 7, 2021

The Massacre of M2-XFE: A Space-bound Spectacular New Year’s EVE

It’s safe to say that EVE Online had a big 2020, with the conclusion of the Triglavian Invasion, the breaking of its own records and who could forget, not one but two interview series with Leave it to them then to step in to provide us with a spectacle to sum up 2020 far better than any firework display ever could: with a cataclysmic space massacre costing over $340,000 in damage. 

Those responsible for what is now being called the ‘Massacre of M2-XFE’ are none other than warring coalitions Imperium and PAPI – the usual suspects who also saw EVE break their own record for the largest PvP battle ever. The New Year’s Eve chaos reportedly saw more than three times as many Titans destroyed as the infamous Bloodbath of B-R5RB, with 251 Titan casualties compared to the previous 75. 

The resulting

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