Day: February 3, 2021

PGI.S 2021 – The Biggest Chicken Dinner PUBG Esports Has Ever Seen

Hold on to your helmets because the PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S) is just around the corner, kicking off this weekend with a set of Rank Decision Matches between 32 teams from around the world battling for their share of a whopping $3.5 million USD prize-pool – the largest ever prize in PUBG esports. Not bad for a day’s gaming. 

The Krafton-led Esports Festival will feature a mix of in-person and online competitors, with the tournament adhering to strict health and safety regulations from Studio Paradise in Incheon, South Korea. Taking place from 5th February – 28th March, the inaugural Rank Decision Matches will split teams into four groups to decide the placement order for the first set of Weekly Survival Matches, depending on their performance.

From there, the Weekly Survival Matches will run for a total of six weeks including weekday Survival Matches followed by weekend Final Matches – with

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