Day: February 8, 2021

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen – An Old-School MMO Targeting Lofty New Heights

Welcome to the first article in our new series exploring Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen – an upcoming fantasy MMORPG from independent developers Visionary Realms, Inc. Over the next few months, we’ll be digging into the much-hyped crowdfunded title through interviews, fan feedback, and a breakdown of the many unique features that have its backers so excited.

Hot off the heels of a seven-figure funding acquisition, the game is making steady progress through its alpha despite the tragic passing of iconic industry figure and CCO Brad McQuaid. Brad McQuaid was the brilliant mind behind the much beloved MMO Everquest; his vision for a challenging, social MMO that would breathe new life in the genre lives on.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is considered as a modernized spiritual successor to classic MMOs and takes place in a completely non-instanced, lore-rich world. Without further ado, here are the

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