Day: February 10, 2021

100% Chance of ‘Reign’: EVE Online’s First Quadrant of 2021

Following the success of EVE Online’s first foray into themed content in 2020, the epic sci-fi MMO is turning the page onto a brand new chapter as the first Quadrant of 2021, Reign, begins. The new Quadrant will bring updates to fleets and travel, continuous balance and meta changes, and reintroduce such familiar events as The Guardian’s Gala and The Hunt. 

While the finer details of what’s to come in New Eden’s new narrative remain under wraps for now, certain quality-of-life improvements including region-specific new visuals within jump tunnels, are primed and ready to enjoy. Changes to the home station, including how it’s represented on the map, how it’s managed, and the removal of costs for changing location, have also been introduced.

The Fleet Discovery Update brings a new level of intuitiveness to fleet-finding, making it a lot easier to find and create fleets tailored to a specific

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