Day: February 16, 2021

Here’s How to Get Medieval with Chivalry 2 Closed Beta Access

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the gritty Medieval clashes that we all love in movies – then we’d encourage you to think that through, because it would have been pretty horrible. However, with the upcoming release of multiplayer first-person slasher Chivalry 2, sequel to the acclaimed Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, wannabe time-travellers can live out the gritty life of a feudal footsoldier from the comfort of their newfangled armchairs. And the best part is there’s not long to wait. 

The cross-play enabled title has recently been slated for an 8th June release. But there is a way for keener fans to get their gauntlets on it early through closed beta access. By pre-ordering the standard or special editions of the game, players will guarantee access to the Chivalry 2 closed beta test from 26th to 29th March.

“Our dev team has been firing on all

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