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Bugs Begone – The First Atlas Rogues Update of 2021

Atlas Reactor spinoff and current torchbearer for the Atlas series, Atlas Rogues, has been enjoying an early access run since November and recently took one step further towards its anticipated full release later this year. In preparation for the next content update scheduled for the near future, the first Atlas Rogues update of 2021 has incorporated multiple fixes and gameplay improvements – undoubtedly welcome news to series fans who couldn’t wait to get stuck-in to this highly-anticipated title.

Atlas Rogues is a rogue-lite spinoff that maintains its turn-based combat mechanics in a stylised and futuristic setting. Players assume control of the colourful Freelancers, a ragtag collection of rogues each boasting sleek character designs and compelling backstories, as they attempt to collect Reactor keys from the Trusts. Its new rogue-lite reimagining sees players unearth rich lore and reassess their tactics as runs are repeated through a time loop, be it

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WoW Wednesday: Where to Watch the Mythic Dungeon International 2021

While last week marked the beginning of the fortnightly World of Warcraft Arena World Championships, we all know that one WoW tournament isn’t enough to get us through these dreary months of winter. Enter the Mythic Dungeon International 2021, which, like a bottomless cup of hot chocolate, will begin bringing joy to our homes this Friday and entertain us all the way up until March 14th.   

This weekend’s broadcast will showcase the first of four Cups as competing teams vie for the points required to enter the MDI Season 1 Global Finals and their share of a tasty $20,000 prize pool. 

When the series of Cups come to an end, the six highest scoring teams will eventually ascend to the Season 1 Global Finals. They will then be joined by the top two teams from China to compete for the MDI Global Champion title and their share of an even

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Hero Zero Anniversary Celebrations Promise an Exciting New Venue and Treats Galore

We have even more anniversary news today as the free-to-play superhero browser game, Hero Zero, celebrates 9 years of fighting evil and upholding justice in the superhero town of Humphreydale. The laid-back and lighthearted title boasts around 34 million users on 175 global servers, and while the Hero Zero anniversary celebrations don’t involve a bonafide PC giveaway, there’s still plenty of in-game goodies to get stuck into. 

In Hero Zero, players assume the role of a superhero within the town of Humphreydale, a town whose quaint name belies its apparent true identity as a hotbed of crime and villainy. From day one, you must learn the ropes as you thwart the sinister designs of Humphreydale’s seemingly limitless thugs who just won’t learn their lesson. Each successful mission then earns you XP and coins with which to level up and buy some snappy new gear.

But now, not-so-straightlaced

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Win a Free Alienware Setup and Karnox Gaming Chair in the Blade & Soul Anniversary Giveaway

In a month that is rife with anniversary celebrations and events, fantasy martial arts MMO Blade & Soul is joining in and celebrating its 5th year. But while most MMOs are content with dishing out in-game treats and bonuses to celebrate, Blade & Soul is deciding to up the ante with a pretty epic real-world giveaway: a free Alienware PC setup and Karnox Legend Gaming Chair. Your move, other MMOs.

The celebration is a pretty raucous one, coming with an update that brings powerful new equipment in the form of a new Heart tier, new legendary PvP weapons and new costume designs courtesy of the 2020 cosmetic contest winners.

From now until 17th February players will be able to earn Festival Coins through login rewards, completing daily quests, and through daily and weekly challenges. These coins can be spent in the Dragon Express to purchase some handy items (including

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The Most Epic Easter Eggs in MMO Games

Video game Easter eggs have been around since the Atari 77’s Starship “Hi Ron!” message. In the 43 years since, they have truly taken on a life of their own. While we love immersive game worlds, that surprising break of the fourth wall nearly always brings a smile. While some publishers (looking at you Rockstar) take pop culture references and meta-comedy to Community levels, others are more subtle and only reward the hardcore adventurer or reddit forum followers dedicated to unearthing hidden secrets.

Final Fantasy XIV Easter Eggs – Blasts from the Many Pasts

The Final Fantasy franchise contains many allusions to pop culture, including Star Wars, The Big Bang Theory, and our personal favourite, the Simpsons “Stupid, sexy, Roegardyn”. Yet unlike the other games on this list, Final Fantasy XIV is best at alluding to earlier entries in its own franchise. By doing so, they expand the game

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Feelgood Friday: Gamigo-ing Green with the Eden Reforestation Projects

It’s Feelgood Friday once more and this week’s positive vibes come courtesy of Gamigo and the Eden Reforestation Projects‘ ecological efforts. Thanks to the generosity of the communities within titles such as Trove, ArcheAge and Fiesta Online (among many others) the charity drive that has been taking place over the Christmas period and beyond has so far raised enough cash to plant over 76,000 trees. That’s a lot of green.

The charitable efforts of all those involved have been so successful, in fact, that Gamigo recently announced an extension of their partnership with the ERP and an extra two weeks of fundraising. 

“Following the overwhelming success of our first cooperation with Eden, it’s incredible to see our players come together once again over Christmas and beyond. We’re honored to have a community that supports this charity by participating in the events, purchasing charity packages or just spreading

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