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The Return of A.V.A. – Neowiz Revive Fan-Favourite FPS for its Western Fanbase

Great news for western fans of the once-defunct MMOFPS Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.) as Bless developers, Neowiz, announce its return to western audiences via Steam. The ‘what-if’ future World War simulator, which pits a fictional Neo-Russian Federation (NRF) against the European Union (EU) in urban environments, was sorely missed upon the departure of original developer Red Duck back in 2018. But there was a glimmer of hope as the flagship title was acquired by Neowiz shortly after, and now the Korean developer has answered the call of its western fans.  

FPS fans should feel right at home in the battlegrounds of A.V.A., featuring the standard PvP and team-based game modes we know and love, plus co-op missions and the ability to customise your soldier as you see fit. But if you’re an outside-the-box kind of player, there’s always the

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Riot Games Unveil Playable King Viego Amid a Slew of LoL and LoL-spinoff updates for Season 2021

Exciting news from Riot Games landed today as part of their League of Legends Season 2021 opening livestream. The showcase unveiled updates for every League of Legends IP including LoL, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics as well as esports developments for 2021. 

The stream kicked off with a customary cinematic that introduced a gloomy new chapter for LoL, with the return of the Ruined King Viego at its centre. As Viego himself was announced as a new playable champion, three more were teased (via some questionable puns) alongside the promise of a clue hidden within the Ruined King game. 

The mechanics have been tweaked to include improved items, a new ‘Mythic’ class of weapon, and an overhauled shop. The ranked gameplay is also seeing some changes, including harsher punishments for AFK players. 

Credit: Riot Games

There was also the promise of over 140 new skins for

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The 5 Most Epic Upcoming MMORPGs 2021

We’re always hunting for exciting upcoming MMORPGs. However, in 2020, a lot of new releases underperformed (and that’s putting it kindly). With a slew of new, potentially genre-defining releases lined-up, 2021 looks set to be a very different story. Below are our thoughts on the 5 most epic and exciting upcoming MMORPGs of 2021. We’ve also shared their official trailers, gameplay trailers, release dates, descriptions, platforms, and early-access insights. #ILoveMMOGames

Crimson Desert

Ashes of Creation

Developmental Status at Time-of-Writing: Alpha

Release Date: TBA

Studio: Intrepid Studios

First up, we have a game that we’ve written a lot about over recent months. There has been so much hype around this medieval MMORPG that we dedicated an entire article to listing the elements we’re most excited about. Ashes of Creation will feature 64 classes, religions, full-scale town sieges, engaging PvE, 500-player PvP combat, challenging end-game bosses, and a complex player-driven economy based

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The Massacre of M2-XFE: A Space-bound Spectacular New Year’s EVE

It’s safe to say that EVE Online had a big 2020, with the conclusion of the Triglavian Invasion, the breaking of its own records and who could forget, not one but two interview series with Leave it to them then to step in to provide us with a spectacle to sum up 2020 far better than any firework display ever could: with a cataclysmic space massacre costing over $340,000 in damage. 

Those responsible for what is now being called the ‘Massacre of M2-XFE’ are none other than warring coalitions Imperium and PAPI – the usual suspects who also saw EVE break their own record for the largest PvP battle ever. The New Year’s Eve chaos reportedly saw more than three times as many Titans destroyed as the infamous Bloodbath of B-R5RB, with 251 Titan casualties compared to the previous 75. 

The resulting

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Celebrating RuneScape’s 20th Anniversary – Here’s the Year-Long Itinerary

Yesterday marked the beginning of a mammoth celebration in aid of legendary MMO RuneScape’s 20th anniversary. 300 million player accounts and 7,306 consecutive days of gameplay later, the medieval fantasy genre stalwart is poised to engage in an entire year of revelry in the form of themed game content in both RuneScape and its nostalgic sister title Old School RuneScape

You may think that a year-long celebration for 20 years is excessive, but when you realise that RuneScape is 3 years older than even World of Warcraft and still going strong, it’s easy to view RuneScape as an elder of the MMO world. So respect your elders and party.

Runescape's 20th anniversary

Here’s the itinerary for what’s in store:

  • The Grand Party – Launched yesterday, this nostalgic soiree brings together some of the most iconic RuneScape characters including the Wise Old Man and the Sandwich
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Indie Spotlight: Voidspace is a Sci-Fi Inventor’s Playground

In the smorgasbord that is MMO gaming we think it’s worth shining a light on the creative Indie developers who help to carve the way for innovative mechanics. While they might not be the most polished games in the world, they offer something unique and worthy attention. So we’re here to highlight some of these interesting little titles that may not receive as much attention as they deserve. 

With Voidspace, an intriguing new title from indie game developers Universe Projects Inc, it’s time to channel your inner space-MacGyver. Currently in the early access stage, Voidspace is a space-based sandbox MMO whose unique selling point is its limitless invention system, designed to prolong and enhance your playthrough in the endless void. But fear not, as the abyss needn’t be confronted alone. 

Voidspace aims to populate the endless reaches of space with a virtual society comprising thousands of players, each with

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