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UK chess education start up makes the right move

  • Innovative platform can boost chess strength
  • Backed by YouTube chess master
  • Uses science-based training technique
  • Site is app-store for chess content

Chessable, the chess trainer lauded by YouTube chess star John Bartholomew, is ready to make a major push into the e-learning market after attracting nearly £100,000 of investment.

The innovative platform, that claims it can help boost users’ chess strength up to master level through its unique science-based training technique, received backing following a successful round of SEIS approved funding.

Chess Master John Bartholomew

Chessable was developed and co-founded by Swindon-based educational psychology and video games specialist David Kramaley and International Master Bartholomew, the hugely-popular US chess professional.

The site, which is optimised for mobile devices, allows anyone to learn a wide range of openings and precise endgame techniques at home and on the move.

Users also get access to an expanding library of original free and paid-for digital

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Malicious Apps in Global App Stores Increase, Leading to Emergence of WireX Mobile Botnet, RiskIQ’s Q3 Mobile Threat Landscape Report Finds

London – Dec. 12, 2017 – Malicious mobile apps are back on the rise, impersonating brands and fooling consumers, according to digital threat management leader RiskIQ, in its Q3 mobile threat landscape report, which analysed 120 mobile app stores and more than 2 billion daily scanned resources. In listing and analysing the app stores hosting the most malicious mobile apps and the most prolific developers of malicious apps, the report documents an increase in blacklisted apps over Q2, as well as the continued issues of imitation and trojan apps in official app stores and the emergence of the massive WireX mobile botnet.

Feral apps and Google Play are main sources of blacklisted apps
Q3’s analysis confirmed that feral apps-apps available for download outside of a store on the web-and the Google Play store were the most abundant sources of malicious apps each quarter. Plus, the top developer of blacklisted apps

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Marmalade Game Studio launches innovative multiplayer mode and Snowy Peaks theme in their top ranking mobile board game, Cluedo

Holiday season is arriving in Cluedo and it’s bringing multiplayer with it

Marmalade Game Studio have launched a much-anticipated update for their popular Cluedo game for iOS and Android. The latest release brings real time multiplayer options for players who want to compete against each other. The new multiplayer mode brings a ground breaking PIN system to the game which allows users to play with friends and family in private online games, while skill based matchmaking pits them against random opponents globally. Multiplayer leaderboards keep track of every player’s performance and the best detectives are rewarded. Any themed boards and characters can be used together in multiplayer games, making Cluedo the ultimate detective experience to play with the entire family.

To get everyone ready for the holidays, Cluedo’s latest release also includes a brand new theme. Everyone’s favourite characters are ready to put their ski suits on and head to

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Reality Clash in-game cryptocurrency leaps 380% as armoury store opens for trading

Landmark moment for the global video games market, as Reality Gaming Group becomes first publisher to successfully deliver a product in which investors can spend their ICO cryptocurrency

Over 50,000 Reality Clash Gold Coins spent buying in-game weapons in first 24 hours of the Armoury Store opening, with the RCC Gold cryptocurrency value rising 380%

Reality Clash

75% of available weapons sold out – more limited-edition weapons to be released every week

Gamers and cryptocurrency speculators are now able to buy limited-edition weapons for use with upcoming mobile augmented reality (AR) combat game, Reality Clash – with early activity having lifted the value of RC coins by an incredible 380% in the first 24 hours of trading.

The game’s publisher, Reality Gaming Group has opened an online store – the Reality Clash Armoury – that allows users to browse a list of guns, render each in a 3D view and

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Cerillion to demonstrate how agile cloud billing solution helps CSPs to access lucrative new enterprise markets

– Pioneering catalyst project at TM Forum Digital Transformation World proves the business model for sponsored mobile gaming services –

London, 10th May 2018 – Cerillion plc (AIM: CER), a leading provider of billing, charging and customer management solutions, today announced that it will be showcasing its cloud billing and subscription management solution, Cerillion Skyline, in another ground-breaking catalyst project at the TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World event in Nice from 14-16th May. By using the TM Forum’s industry standard Open APIs for integration of a multi-vendor solution, the catalyst makes it easier for Communications Services Providers (CSPs) to on-board new enterprise customers and create new revenue streams through sponsored data services.

Digital Transformation World 2018

In collaboration with Nokia, Sigma and Cloudstreet, and delivered under the guidance of project champions Orange and NTT, this catalyst project will demonstrate how dedicated ‘network slices’ can be used by game developers and

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Cerillion Catalyst Project Wins Business Impact Award at Digital Transformation World 2018

– TM Forum’s award recognises the Catalyst teams who have demonstrated outstanding work in solving real-world challenges or making future opportunities a reality –

London, 30th May 2018 – Cerillion (AIM: CER), a leading provider of billing, charging and customer management solutions, today announced that its Catalyst project “Proving the Business Model for Sponsored Network Slices: Mobile Gaming” has been selected as a winner in TM Forum’s 2018 Catalyst Awards at Digital Transformation World in Nice. Championed by NTT Group and Orange, and delivered in collaboration between Cerillion, Cloudstreet, Nokia and Sigma Systems, the project was recognised for Outstanding Catalyst Business Impact.

TMF Catalyst Awards Winner

The Catalyst project proved how application-aware ‘network slices’ can be used by game developers and publishers to provide premium online services that will enrich the gamer experience and boost telco revenues, whilst continuing to adhere to applicable net neutrality regulations. Cerillion implemented its cloud

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